From the recording DAYS LIKE THESE

I wrote this for my Mom, who I lost in 2013. I was rehearsing for a show, and it just came through me, and pretty much wrote itself, 
words and music, in an hour. I feel like she is with me every time I perform it. <3
This is another studio reference vocal. No final vocals have been done on these songs, but I am posting them as current work in progress!


The glow of the fire starts to dim / the fur in her lap stirs and stretches his limbs
As the snowfall begins / to descend on this wintery day.
The tea in her cup has run cold / the book on her lap holds a story untold
While the clock hypnotizes / she closes her eyes for awhile.
Cuz days like these / can be slow and hazy / they make you feel lazy
The weight of the world / dissolves into feathers / so just leave the weather outside.
I'm dreaming in colors of blue / memories of childhood and how I loved you
and when time stood so still / that each moment could fill up your soul.
Sprawled on the rug at your feet / our slippers matching and me coloring
And surrounded by pillows / I'd happily return to that scene.
What I wouldn't give for one day / to sit like we used to / and while it away
Both turning pages / we'd rock in the summertime gloam
I know you're here /in a bright sunny morning / a flower that's blooming
And I keep you near / It's life after all